Welcome to Egon To Go in Tulln

from Bolognia

Start your day with ease at our place!
Enjoy your breakfast and morning coffee.
If you're in the mood for cake, don't miss out on our homemade banana bread
or our delightful selection of cakes made with love.
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3430 Tulln, Egon Schiele Gasse 10

Egon Schiele

Immerse yourself in the rich atmosphere
of art and culture as you enjoy a delightful cup
of freshly brewed coffee and savor our delectable pastries.

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Seasonal Coffee

Iced Coffee, Cold Matcha and more!
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Filicori Zecchini Brand

Quality is all in the details

Experience the rich heritage of Italian coffee culture with our carefully curated selection of premium coffees. At Egon to Go, we proudly present a touch of Bologna, Italy, featuring renowned coffee and cakes from the iconic Filicori Zecchini brand. Savor the authentic taste of Italy right here in Tulln.

Whether you're craving a tempting slice of freshly baked cake or the robust notes of a perfectly brewed Italian coffee, Egon to Go is your haven for culinary indulgence. Join us on a journey of taste and quality that transcends borders.

Visit us today and let Egon to Go be your escape to the flavors of Italy in the heart of Tulln!

3430 Tulln, Egon Schiele Gasse 10

Spring time is here!

Coffee art and Seasonsal delights, come over and enjoy a relaxing time with great coffee and snacks.

Seasonal Coffees
Egon to Go in Tulln!

Why people choose us?

At Egon to Go, we go beyond the ordinary to create an experience for our cherished customers.

Hiegesberger Milk Products
We use only the highest quality products.
Croissants from Tulln
Our snacks are from local bakeries.
Vulcano Prosciutto
a savory delight from Steiermark, Austria.
Homeade Cakes
Vegan & gluten free treats baked with love
Filicori Zecchini Coffee
Coffee in good company.
Summer Ice Cream
In the summer we offer Ice from eis-greissler
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We are closed on Sundays and Holidays.

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A bit more of about us

Our Coffee & History

From the artisanal techniques that define our brewing process to the global inspirations that shape our diverse coffee offerings, discover the story behind each cup at Egon to Go.
Our History
Filicori Zecchini

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